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Wheelchair Swing

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Wheelchair Swing


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Wheelchair Swing
50028 | Atlantis
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  • GroepAtlantis
  • Breedte189 cm
  • Lengte287 cm
  • Hoogte266 cm
  • Kritische valhoogte113 cm
  • Safety zone 255x700 cm
  • ValondergrondRequired
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  • 2D files 50028 2D.dwg
  • 3D files 50028 3D.dwg

Requirements and recommendations concerning the usage of the 50028 Wheelchair Swing. 

Wheelchair swing must be always used under surveillance and it is intended for wheelchair users only. If the wheelchair swing is installed in the public places, such as parks and public squares, it must be equipped with the additional safeguards to prevent an unauthorized use. Locking devices and swing blockade and/or fence with lockable gate are recommended. 

We recommend placing a regulation board in a visible place near the device. The text on the regulation board should be as follows: 

Wheelchair swing - instructions for use:

  • - Wheelchair Swing is dedicated exclusively for a wheelchair user.
  • - The swing must be only used by ONE person at a time.
  • - When the device is used, no other persons are allowed in the direct surrounding (especially in the safety zone of the swing).
  • - Wheelchair Swing must be used only under surveillance.